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Welcome to Ta’Monita.


We’d like to wish you a wonderful stay in our apartment and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do when we are over. Please find some general information and house rules which will ensure all of us a full enjoyment of the place.

Air Conditions: Heating/Cooling, please note that only one function can be used at the same time, either each room is heating or cooling, as the 4 devices are connected to the same system, therefore only one same function is to be used. Kindly only use when you are inside the apartment and switch off when leaving. Please keep controls in there respective holders and close balcony doors or windows when air conditions are on.

Alarm System: For owners use only and will not be activated during your stay.

Lights and other appliances: As electricity is quite expensive in Malta please switch off any lights in rooms that are not used or when leaving the apartment.

Water: Please do not spill.

Balcony doors: Please keep them closed when leaving the apartment and be aware that keeping them open in the evening might attract mosquitos.

Balcony furniture: Please return inside before checking out (would also advise that you keep the cushion’s inside overnight as they might get damp).

TV and Satellite receivers: Please do not reprogram any settings.

WIFI: Available in the apartment: (please do not remove router from current position).
Network: ARRIS-CB3B
Password: F072EE5F7AA1643A

Coffee machine: Please keep clean.

Oven and stove: Please clean after usage and make sure they are switched off when not in use.

Dishwasher: Please rinse all china, cuttlery and glasses before placing in the dishwasher.

Please make sure that all dishes are washed and stored away before checking out.

Rubbish disposal: You will find a full detailed plan at the entrance of the Building ( level 2) or in the Elevator.

Smoking is only allowed in the Balconies.
Please use ashtray provided.

Good relationship with your neighbors: Please don’t play loud music and note that parties are not allowed in the apartment or balconies.

Washer and Dryer: Available for usage, please refrain overloading and note that we cannot be held responsible for shrinkage or eventual damage caused.

Linen and towels are available for stay and will be checked when checking out.

Please wash glasses, china and other kitchen material after usage and advise any breakage or malfunctions.

Pool: requires a membership (Day, Week, Month) please enquire with the Ta’Monita sales office. Note that the pool is only open during the summer season (June to October) do not attempt using when closed.

For your own comfort: you will notice that all roads in Malta are quite dusty therefore would recommend that you remove your shoes.

Check out is between 09:00 and 10:00 (please make arrangements with Glorianne who will assist you with checkout and collect the keys)

Should you face any problems during your stay please contact Glorianne.

Practical information about Malta can be found on the apartment’s website: www.inmalta.eu

Wish you a wonderfull and enjoyable stay!

Rony & Andrea